About The Presbyterian Church of Coraopolis

What we do, and why we love it

Brief History of The Presbyterian Church of Coraopolis 10/20/2020

In 1991 a merger of two congregations/two Presbyterian churches occurred.  The old Greystone Presbyterian Church congregation (across the street) merged with (the former) Mt. Calvary Presbyterian Church congregation.  The Mt. Calvary church building is the building we are currently worshipping in.  The ‘merger’ of these two congregations further resulted in a new unifying name, “The Presbyterian Church of Coraopolis.

The merger was quite peaceful and helped strengthen both congregations.

Our current church building was constructed between 1927-1931.  Amazingly so, this was also during our nation’s ‘Great Depression’ era.

Our church’s stained-glass windows communicate a solid and sincere Christian faith from the time of Jesus Christ forward.

Our pastor, Reverend Doctor Thomas Petrosky. was called to be our full time, ordained, and installed pastor in June 2003.

Our pastor is the moderator of our governing board known as ‘The Session.’  The members serving on Session are known as ‘Ruling Elders.’  This remains our executive governing board.  Members of our church may contact our Ruling Elders and/or our Pastor with any inquiries regarding the life and ministry of our church.

The Presbyterian Church of Coraopolis is faith based, Biblically grounded, Presbytery responsive, musically inclined, mission minded, and truly enjoys sharing in Christian fellowship.

Our members are to take seriously their “calling” from God as they seek to live their lives practicing Christian standards and maturing in faith at church, at work, and especially with their respective families.

Members are expected to know and respond to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, assemble together for worship, pray for one another, and pray for our pastor.

Members are requested to contribute to our church through gifts of their prayers, sharing their abilities and talents, areas of service, financial offerings, and most importantly, through loving and serving God by further loving and serving others.

There remains an abiding reverence for God here at the Presbyterian Church of Coraopolis.  You are invited to come grow with us.  Welcome Home!